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Breeder since 1989 (1989 -2022 under the name of v.d. Clemensberghoeve) FCI. in NL

Bernese Mountaindog kennel Basiadan
We are a member of the ZKwP (Polish Kennel Club) and FCI accredited.
The dogs we use in our breeding program are screened for HD and ED undergo a character test and inspection with regard to the breed standard as prescribed by the FCI. All our breeding dogs are also DNA certified.

Selective breeding of Bernese Mountain Dogs.
In our breeding policy we strive for dogs with a good health, stable character and beauty with in mind always the breed standard and most importantly the selection whether we would like a puppy from the combination of male and female in question. When we want to use a male dog, we always gonna look at the dog in his home to have a good opinion about the male dog regarding his behavior in his environment.

Of course you are welcome to visit us and our Bernese Mountain Dogs. We do give the mother and her puppies the necessary rest and we only allow visitors to the puppies from the time they are 3 weeks old, after that you are welcome by appointment which only benefits the socialization of the puppies. We kindly request, if you want to look at multiple litters and visit different kennels, not to do this on the same day but to spread it over several days in order to transfer any germs.

The puppies are dewormed several times, get a chip, FCI pedigree and are checked by the vet before they leave the litter. We let the puppies get used to as many sounds as possible, both inside and outside, which benefits the socialization of the puppies. Of course you will receive advice on socialization, which is also important for the puppy in its new environment.

Despite the fact that we have the parents screened and they are free of HD and ED according to the guidelines of the FCI, this can unfortunately never be ruled out because, the factors of nutrition and growth of the dog also play a major role in the development of HD and ED disorders, as with all large dog breeds. A good diet for large breeds is essential and no additives or supplements such as lime should be given. In addition, the new owner should take into account the correct movement during the growing phase of the young dog, such as no climbing stairs, not too much or too little exercise, sufficient rest.

If you want advice or have questions about purchasing or raising, taking care of a Bernese Mountain puppy, you can always contact us without obligation.

Basia Szenajch & Danny Oomen

Basiadan Bernese Mountaindog kennel
Wiry 65E
58-111 Wiry

Berner Sennenpup met balletje van Basiadan Kennel voor Berner Sennenhonden
berner sennen hond pup 8 weken oud princessa laurie ślężański skarbiec in basiadan kennel
Berner Sennenhond moeder met pup