Behavior of the Bernese Mountaindog
The Bernese Mountain Dog has a robust appearance but is a friendly dog with a stable, calm character.
They get along well with their peers and other pets, but of course the Bernese Mountain Dog will also need to be well socialized in its early childhood. They are generally friendly with humans and animals, but with the dominant males we sometimes see that they are intolerant of other males on the street and do not accept any other male in their garden or home. Often this behavior has to do with the socialization of the male dog, but certainly not always.

The Bernese Mountain Dog needs a lot of contact with the family members and is not a dog 
to live outside in a kennel all day, even if it is with several dogs. Of course, the dog can sleep outside in a kennel, but he will be happy if he is involved in the daily activities of the house and garden. Provided the dog gets enough exercise, the dog can be kept in a small home. It is ideal when the dog can live freely in the house and has a spacious garden available to be outside.
The Bernese is a family dog par excellence, likes to be around people and prefers to be around his owner or family members. The Bernese Mountain Dog gets along well with children, especially if they learn to deal with it at a young age. However, most will naturally approach children calmly.
The Bernese Mountain Dog loves to be outdoors and prefers to go for long walks in nature with you and he will never go far from you. He prefers to keep everyone who comes along together.
The Bernese Mountain Dog does need a calm and honest upbringing and treatment. Despite their imposing appearance, dogs are very sensitive. 
Too harsh and loud treatment can be disastrous for the character of the Bernese Mountain Dog. The dog also has an unerring sense of the owner’s state of mind.
When the Bernese has had a good and consistent education, he will be well obedient. The dog likes to be busy with you, quite easy to train on obedience courses, for example, and will be happy to go everywhere with you. He adapts quietly in his own way and can simply accompany you to the shop, the terrace or on holiday, for example.

Guard dog
Since the Bernese Mountain Dog used to be the task of being watchful and protective, we now also see this in the breed.
However, it is not the type of guard dog that reacts barking to everything and chases everyone away from the yard. The Bernese will be there if it needs to be. He doesn’t bark along if the neighbor’s dog happens to bark. He will speak up if he sees something or someone suspicious or strange. They let the boss know when there are visitors and will keep an eye on things with curiosity and vigilance. When the owner and his family respond well to the visitor and the person behaves normally in the dog’s vision, then the dog is also friendly.
However, when the dog is home alone, he takes his job very seriously. The dog is, as they say, hereditary and will not just run away if the gate is left open.