Welcome to this website of Basiadan, kennel for Bernese Mountaidogs.

My name is Basia and I live with Danny and our dogs in Wiry, a small village in Lower Silicia in Poland. We both grew up with dogs. When we met, it was clear that we both had a passion for the same kind of dogs. I grew up with a Rotweiler at home.

Danny is the owner of kennel v.d.Clemensberghoeve in the Netherlands where he had started in 1989 with the breeding of Rotweilers and later also Bernese Mountain Dogs. Over the years, his dogs went to various countries in Europe, South Africa, America and Canada.

Soon the idea arose to continue this together and we decided to start the kennel Basiadan in Poland.We are a member of the Polish Kennel Club and registered with the FCI.

We have enough space in our garden and live next to a nature reserve where we can enjoy and walk with our dogs in peace.

After years of enjoying the rottweiler, we currently only have Bernese Mountain Dogs.

For a stable reliable character of the dogs, good socialization, education and enough time commitment to the dogs is necessary. Our dogs are of course examined for HD, ED, OCD and participate in a character test as well as a breeding selection inspection before they are used for breeding. 
In addition, we are selective in looking for the right parent combination and we always breed with the idea in mind whether we want a puppy from the combination ourselves.

For more information about the purchase of a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy or about taking care of the Bernese Mountain Dog, please feel free to contact us.